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Step inside and explore the world of off-road motorcycling to in the Thompson-Nicola Region. We promote responsible off-road land use through education of our members and the passing on of information through these web pages. The GKMA organizes the riding and racing events for; motocross, cross country, ice racing, and off road trail. We maintain Duffy Lake Forestry Rec site on Greenstone Mtn. Campsite fees collected go into the Greenstone Mtn area for trail and campsite maintenance. Our camp hosts are volunteers that are GKMA Members

Track is NOW OPEN for the 2015 Season

 CANCELLED Riding School April 4 2015 at Whispering Pines CANCELLED

GKMA Presidents Message

January 7th 2015
 It is an honour and a privilege to serve as your president for the upcoming year. I look forward to working with everyone to make this year fun, exciting and challenging as in years past.We have so much to look forward to this year, first and foremost the Ice Racing Series at Stake Lake. I hope we can all get out there to help support Dan as much as possible over the next 6 weeks.
Other highlights include:
  • Big Kahuna Race and Chuwhels Challenge Race
  • Motocross Season at Whispering Pines
  • Trail clearing and maintenance
  • Camping season at Duffy Lake
  • Rider training
  • Bike Registration
  • Club Activities

The Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association is a very old, well known and well respected organization and it is our responsibility as directors and members to continue to lead with passion in the evolution of our sport so that there will be good riding for future generations to come.

Open communication is essential between all of us so if something comes up let’s work together as a team and always end with a positive outcome.

Dennis Rombough
GKMA President

 “Four wheels move the body,

Two wheels move the soul.”

WESTCOAST Motorcycle Ride to Live 2015!
May 31st for the 6th annual

This great event supports prostate cancer which is the number one cancer for men. I have attached a poster for more info, or you can check out our website at www.ridetolive.ca.  I can also be reached at 604-574-5100.



Due to having received several NSF cheques over the past 2 years for payments for Moto-X entry fees, effective immediately the GKMA will no longer accept personal cheques. Payment will be cash, or if we have available Visa or Mastercard at the time of an event.

Proposed Alpine Motor Vehicle Restriction Thompson Region

Here is the official Government link: http://a100.gov.bc.ca/pub/ahte/hunting/thompson-alpine-motor-vehicle-prohibition
Here is the law behind it: http://www.bclaws.ca/EPLibraries/bclaws_new/document/ID/freeside/474756515#section1

ORV Riding in the Tunkwa area
Alert: Closures

GKMA Constitution

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