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Step inside and explore the world of off-road motorcycling to in the Thompson-Nicola Region. We promote responsible off-road land use through education of our members and the passing on of information through these web pages. The GKMA organizes the riding and racing events for; motocross, cross country, ice racing, and off road trail. We maintain Duffy Lake Forestry Rec site on Greenstone Mtn. Campsite fees collected go into the Greenstone Mtn area for trail and campsite maintenance. Our camp hosts are volunteers that are GKMA Members.

2015 Ice Racing Details – Poster

We regret to inform you that due to this awful warm weather and rain Ice Racing is cancelled for both Saturday January 24, and Sunday January 25. We will hopefully be back on for next weekend and will try to make up the days on our rain day of February 15. Sorry for any inconvience…

Hi everybody, Past-President Ken McClelland here. The Motorcyclist’s Confederation of Canada (MCC) has an online survey that it needs all of you to participate in by January 31, 2015. The results will be great info for all of us to have when lobbying as far as the economic impact of motorcycling, and other factors. I completed it, takes about 15 minutes, use the link posted here to participate, please and thanks! http://circum.com/mcc

Our Past President, Ken McClelland was presented with a gift for all the yeas of dedication at our Xmas party,

A few words from Ken,

Huge thanks to the GKMA for a great surprise at last night’s Christmas Party. I received as a gift a beautiful Alpinestars Bogota touring jacket to commemorate my 9 years as GKMA President. It has truly been an honour and privilege to work with such a great group of volunteers, and I appreciate the opportunity. My job as President was actually fairly easy, as we are very fortunate to have extremely talented and dedicated people that work on their particular areas of expertise as it relates to dirt-biking, with great skill. We are regarded by our fellow clubs as one of the, if not THE premier club in the Province, and as being progressive, well-organized, and on the leading edge of our sport as it evolves, and that doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes hard work and dedication by all Executive members concerned, and by all of the equally valuable and dedicated volunteers working in the background. So once again, thank-you to all of you, it has been a gas, and congratulations to all of you for giving back to the sport that we all love. I know that Dennis Rombough will do a great job as President, and urge all of you to give him your un-qualified support, he’s as dedicated as they come.
Best, Ken McClelland







Brad congratulating Ken with his new jacket…..




2015 Executive Goals

The gkma, exec has decided to move forward, host less off road races and start organizing activity’s to get the city of ‘Kamloops’ and area members more involved with riding, for the whole family.

Track is now closed until April 2015


Memberships and Day Passes for the Track can be purchased at selected local Kamloops Bike Shops

RTR – Tuesday to Saturday
Rivercity Cycle – Tuesday to Saturday
Leading Edge – Tuesday to Saturday
Shultz Motorsports Monday to Saturday
GP Moto – Monday, Tuesday, Thursaday to Saturday
Roosters – Monday to Saturday

Day Passes must be purchased before heading Whispering Pines Race Track
(passes are not available at Track)

Due to having received several NSF cheques over the past 2 years for payments for Moto-X entry fees, effective immediately the GKMA will no longer accept personal cheques. Payment will be cash, or if we have available Visa or Mastercard at the time of an event.

Proposed Alpine Motor Vehicle Restriction Thompson Region

Here is the official Government link: http://a100.gov.bc.ca/pub/ahte/hunting/thompson-alpine-motor-vehicle-prohibition
Here is the law behind it: http://www.bclaws.ca/EPLibraries/bclaws_new/document/ID/freeside/474756515#section1

ORV Riding in the Tunkwa area
Alert: Closures


GKMA Constitution


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