Duffy Lake Upgrades
Duffy Lake Upgrades

Duffy Lake Upgrades

Thanks to your membership fees and funding received for 2021, the GKMA is taking on a project to improve the recreational experience in the Duffy /Greenstone ORV area including the following:

4KM staging area improvements:

  •   Work completed is graveling and grading parking area, install of 33 new lock blocks for unloading, re leveling and placing of another 20 lock blocks for improved access, some signage indicating “single vehicle parking “ and “trailer/single vehicle parking”.   
  • There will be some fencing and trail braiding deactivation planned near the staging area. 
  • Duffy Lake completed works are the removal of poor site subgrade and replacing with gravel, falling and bucking of dead trees for improved camper safety, leveling and grading of 12 sites, 1 new site constructed, 4 new tables and 1 new outhouse.

Some minor road upgrades to the Dairy Lake FSR (2.5 km to 12 km) with spot graveling and grading. 

Future works at the Rec Site will include:

  • 10 new campsites,
  • site road upgrades,
  • 2 fishing docks,
  • non-ORV trail enhancement along lake shore to accommodate walking and pedal bikes (e-biking becoming popular),
  • a type of roundhouse or sitting structure for day use and look out,
  • new tables and outhouses etc.

Trail upgrades:

Approximately 70-80 kms of trail will get some improvements to address sustainability and accommodating the increased use in recent years.  These improvements will be drainage control (culverts, cross drains), bridges (steel for low maintenance and likely engineered), and trail hardening.   We will be bringing in heavier materials to prevent or limit trail rutting.  

Trail re routes to lessen vertical hill climbs and consequent rutting. Trail braiding deactivation and trail rehabbing where necessary.

Fencing and new ORV fence crossings if necessary.

Some site development at Pendelton Rec Site.  

Updated signage with educational elements, including referencing the cooperation from Skeetchestn First Nations, Rec Site and Trails BC and the BC Provincial Government, trail markers, “You Are Here” maps etc..

Lots of new and exciting upgrades on their way to Duffy Lake, thanks to your membership purchases and funding.

See you on the trails!