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Duffy Lake Rec Site Day

Duffy Lake

We are all anticipating the return to campfires and camping at the GKMA managed Duffy Lake Campground. This beautiful campground however does not look after …


Trail Fairy – Duffy Lake

Duffy Lake

Meet at 4 km staging Duffy Time 5 pm We will be hiking up Step It Up and rerouting the big mud hole.

Trail Fairy – Greenstone


Meet up at Greenstone 4 km Time. 10 am Three worlds finish cleaning and reroute big mud section before water fall.

Trail Fairy – Chuwels

Meet at Chuwels Mountain Road - fiber optic line. Time. 10 am Gambler/ sidewinder reroute and fix from logging

Fun Ride – Chuwels

Meet at fiber optic line on Chuwels Mountain Road Time. 5 pm.