Update: Duffy Lake
Update: Duffy Lake

Update: Duffy Lake

Well, the Tremont Fire is being held, and the evacuation alerts and orders have all been given the All-Clear.

What does that actually mean for the riding areas, rec sites, etc?

Well, the rec site is still closed. This is managed by Rec Sites BC. We understand there have been some issues on their website – looks like those are fixed, and Duffy Lake is showing as closed on the map and rec site page.

The team has been up to Duffy, and there has been significant damage to the trails around Duffy Lake. Until we can get in and do a full assessment, and put together a plan to rehabilitate trails where we can, rebuild or close trails, we ask that ALL riders STAY OFF the trails.

Our beloved riding area has seen enough damage – we don’t need to add irresponsible riding and increased damage to the list.


    1. justin

      Hi Graham,
      Inks is in the same riding area that was just pulled off alert. Barnhartvale was not affected in any major way.
      It’s been hard to keep up with the changing situation, and so we’ve been focusing on the rec site that was really in danger.
      We’ve been trying to post more updates on the Facebook group, or you could ask the community there.

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