Loose Screw 2024

Loose Screw 2024

Sept 7, 2024

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THIS IS NOT A RACE. For those of you not familiar with the Loose Screw Dual Sport, it is a self-guided, non-competitive gathering for all sizes of street legal dual sport motorcycles. You are responsible for your own extraction, or bike extraction, should something happen. We do not “sweep ride” the routes, so we encourage single riders to join up with other single riders or ride in a small group together. The “buddy system” is good practice anytime you’re in the back country!

Cost is $130.00 per entry and this will be the ONLY place where we accept entries. There will be no in-person sign-ups allowed at the event. The entry fee will include snacks, dinner on Saturday night, an event shirt, and GPS tracks and a rollchart for your chosen route. You will also be able to purchase additional shirts and dinners if required. We have switched to a 3rd party company (CCN) for the entire sign up process, including on-line signing of the event waiver. This sign up process requires you to create an account with CCN. Please keep your login information for future events as we plan on using the same process in the future.

ONCE ENTERED INTO THE EVENT, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS AND NO ROUTE CHANGES, NO EXCEPTIONS. You will have an opportunity to purchase cancellation insurance at the bottom of the sign up page, but please note that this insurance is administered by CCN, not the GKMA.


We will be camping at Duffy Lake campground (approximately 25km from Kamloops) on a first come, first serve basis, and the camping fees are NOT included in your registration, so bring cash ($15 per site per night). We are not allowed to reserve sites for the event, so you will be competing with the public for spots, though this weekend is traditionally quiet. We are encouraging participants to “ride share” to the event if possible as space is limited. We will also encourage participants to make the best possible use of each campsite and fit as many RV’s as possible into each site. We will have an area set aside for bike-camping, so if you arrive on a bike for the event, you will be guaranteed a spot to camp. When the site is full, we will post a sign at the 3KM mark, so that you don’t make an unnecessary trip up the hill (bike campers should still come to the lake). Camp Pendleton, at the 3KM mark (also a paid campground) will accept our overflow camping. Individual campfires will be permitted in campsite fire rings only, providing that the province has not issued a campfire ban. There is a lake for swimming (and fishing), but it’s not very warm!

This is a one-day event – September 7th, 2024. You are welcome, and even encouraged, to come early to secure your camping spot and enjoy the GKMA- maintained and sanctioned trail system.

There will be 3 routes again this year. There will be a maximum of 100 riders allowed to sign up per route, with a 200 total entry cap. You will need to select your route as you sign up for the event.

The A route will be restricted to bikes 500cc or less. While there are some riders that could ride the A route on larger machines, the club has decided that we don’t want the possible extra pressure on the club’s section 16 trails that larger bikes may produce. The A route is about 90% single track and should be challenging but rideable. Not as tough as previous year’s A routes but still a challenge. There is no other gas on the route, so make sure that you bike is capable of an approximate 125 KM loop (we’re still working on the loops).

The B route will be for those that don’t want the tight trails of the A route but still want a challenge. Suitable for 690 or smaller bikes, but I wouldn’t take a KLR on this route! We won’t restrict bike size on this route but 99% of adventure bikes should NOT be on this route. We are aiming for 200 KM for this route but this one is still a work in process as well. There will be gas on this route at Logan Lake, where you can also purchase food and other supplies if necessary.

The C route is for the KLR650’s and bigger, or for smaller bikes that don’t want the challenge of the A or B. Some twisty pavement, some FSR’s and some old gravel roads, and some great vistas. Route is approximately 180 KM and will have gas and food at Logan Lake without leaving the course.

Roll charts and GPS tracks will be emailed to registered participants the week prior to the event, for your chosen route only. An important condition of our event permit is that it limits each route to 100 participants.

You must complete an event waiver on-line as part of the sign up process in order to participate in the event.

More details will follow.

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