Riding Areas

Riding Areas

GKMA Volunteers maintain over 400 kms of trails throughout the Kamloops region. To check the status of a riding area, please visit the Recreation Sites and Trails BC website.

Duffy/ Greenstone

Duffy Lake Campground and trails are open now.

Please be aware of the construction around the campsite.

Please DO NOT ride in the burn area. You will be fined if you are caught.

Worse, you’ll damage a riding area and the relationships that support it.

The Duffy/Greenstone area has a rich history of riding and racing with National events, 2-day events, hare scrambles and enduros.
The primary riding area is the Duffy Lake/Greenstone Mountain area with two additional areas at Inks Lake and Chuwhels Mountain.

The Duffy Lake/Greenstone area has 132 km’s of signed designated trails. A wide variety of easy and technical trails are available to ensure good riding for all. Approximately 80% of the trail network is easy to moderate in difficulty rating. The Duffy Lake/Greenstone area has connecting trails to the Chuwhels/Inks Lake riding area; check your fuel before heading out on the approximate 80 km of loop trail.

Driving Directions: From Kamloops: take Hwy 1 to Greenstone Rd. Follow Greenstone Rd for approximately 2.5 km to Duffy Lake FSR. Duffy Lake Recreation site is located south of Cherry Creek on Greenstone Mountain. Access is off the Dairy Lake FSR.

Inks Lake/ Chuwhels

Connected to the Duffy Lake/ Greenstone riding area is Inks Lake and Chuwhels Mountain. Inks Lake features trails ranging from beginner to pro, whereas the terrain at Chuwhels is decidedly more pro.

Driving directions: From Kamloops: Drive south on Highway #5 (Coquihalla Highway) 6 km. past the turn off of Highway #1 until you see an Exit for INKS LAKE (Exit 355). Follow the paved exit for 700 metres until you come to a stop sign. Turn left and follow the gravel road over a cattle guard and 300 metres to main parking area on the right.

Lac Du Bois Grasslands

The Lac du Bois Grasslands are unique in British Columbia as grasslands in a semi-wilderness state next to a major urban center. The area is used for outdoor recreation, livestock grazing, rangeland research and a wide range of educational activities. In the 1970s OHV clubs (Motorcycle, ATV, 4×4) agreed to concentrate off road use to a
designated area to mitigate damage to sensitive rangeland. The “Play Area ” and been in use since and is extremely popular in the spring as it is one of the first areas snow free. Thru the efforts of the Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association (GKMA), The Greater Kamloops ATV Association (GKAA) and the Kamloops 4×4 club the Lac du Bois Play Area remains open to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Driving Directions: Located 2km up the Lac Du Bois Road.

Lafarge ORV Area

The Lafarge Orv area has been used for over 30 years for recreational ORV use.  This area has had unrestricted use and is very popular in the early season (spring time) as it is low elevation and the snow melts off very early.  It is a small area with 20-25 kms of trails. It was logged in 2011 which has exposed the area to more licensed vehicle and 4 wheel ORV traffic.  The areas that weren’t logged have had a full die off of Ponderosa Pine which has impeded the use of the old trails and has consequently created a more braided trail network.  There is significant blow down on these trail networks.

Driving Directions: The Lafarge ORV area is located approximately 20 minutes east of Kamloops along Highway 1 and accessed via the Barnhartvale road just past the Eagle Point Golf Course.  Take the next left past the golf course and travel in approximately 0.5 km to staging areas.  There are a couple of historical staging areas with the old gravel pit on the west side of the road being one and the other is on the east side of the road.  There are many small access roads throughout the riding area providing many off-loading spots. 

Noble Lake

Overall, approximately 10-15% of the trails within the Noble Lake area are on old skid trails and logging roads.  A lot of these trails are grown in with understory and are primarily 2 wheel access only. The majority of the trail network within this area is 2 wheel access only due to terrain limitations for 4 wheel ORV’s.  Some dual use is noted within the Noble Lake and lower down within the agriculture lease lands where it is more open. There are approximately 70 kms of trails within the area.

Driving Directions: The Noble Lake ORV Management project area is located approximately 20-30 minutes north/north west of Kamloops along the Westsyde road.  It is accessed via the Noble Lake Forest Service road.  Travel approximately 0.5 kilometers on the Noble Lake FSR and you will come to a historical staging area. Noble Staging area is located at approximately 6 km on the Noble Creek FSR.